Do you have a passion for helping others with their fitness?

If you have a serious ‘passion for fitness’ as well as an athletic background and/or military experience, we are in need of your skills! Sarge will help you put your basic knowledge of fitness to good use by guiding eager clients toward their fitness goals. Our trainers come from all walks of life, military, college grads, stay at home moms, executives, computer programmers, and weekend warriors all work for Sarge Fitness as part-time fitness trainers.

Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts:

  • Will provide all the training you need to become an awesome group exercise instructor or personal trainer
  • Will provide a non-stop supply of fresh clients to try your class and it’s your job to keep them coming back for more.  Do a great job connecting with them and giving them exactly what they are looking for and you’ll have a new loyal member of your team!
  • You will receive a monetary bonus each time one of these demos enrolls in your class
  • Sarge Fitness has already built a fitness community and you just have to plug yourself, and your clients into our community
  • Our compensation packages start off higher than average for group exercise instructors according to IDEA and ACE
  • Finally, Sarge will help you promote yourself and your class using proven techniques that we have been using since 2003 which will help you grow your class and your bond with your clients

The Ideal Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts Employee is:

  • Self-motivated and physically fit; you must be a competitor, driven to get better, but you do not have to be the best, you just have to want to work hard at getting better at whatever it is that you are passionate about
  • Willing to commit to a regular schedule of three to five days/week mostly during the early mornings or evenings YEAR-ROUND and mostly in the outdoors!
  • Eager to help others with their fitness goals by motivating them to work hard but understanding their limitations
  • Extremely outgoing.  You must LOVE being around and talking with all sorts of people
  • Being social media savvy is a MUST.  Our clients are and you need to be as well.
  • Able to provide own transportation traveling between clients/locations, possibly during rush hour
  • Experienced with the type of training found in the military, physical education, personal training or from teaching group exercise programs, coaching and/or martial arts
  • 4 year college degree is preferred

We’re hiring in (but not limited to):

  • Fitness Boot Camp Instructors
    • Montgomery County, MD
    • Washington DC