Sarge Fitness quickly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by moving to ONLINE classes overnight.  After just a few days clients were begging us to keep this service going forever! So we did!  

Our Virtual Boot Camp is an interactive fitness experience. From your home, office or even your garage; once you log in, you will see what we are doing at the studio.  The trainer will be able to watch you while you are at home!  This means we can interact with you and help correct form, motivate, and engage you during the workout.

In order to be successful with our virtual training you only need a few items on hand:
  • Dumbbells or fitness (elastic) bands 
  • Jump Rope (but you can get away without one)
  • Open space about 15 feet wide and 10 feet in front/behind you
  • An exercise mat comes in handy
  • Extras that you do not need but you might see in the studio (and therefore could also use at home):
    • BOSU ball / Stability ball
    • Medicine ball (substitute with a basketball or soccer ball)
    • Small bands that wrap around knees
    • Cones (12 inches and 3 inches) (substitute with hardback books)
    • Paper plates (substitute with a hand towel on hardwood floors or a hardcover book on a carpet)

Virtual boot camp with ZOOM members

Virtual / ZOOM Boot Camp – The ZOOM classes are pre-arranged/ scheduled classes.  You MUST have an active Sarge account and must sign up in advance for the class time you wish to participate in.  A ZOOM link will be sent to you, via email, 15 minutes before class beings.  Once you open ZOOM, you will see the trainer inside the studio!  The cost for this is just a $40/month recurring fee and a 3-month initial commitment with a month to month membership following that.  (Click here: ZOOM Boot Camp