Sarge Fitness quickly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by moving from only live classes to ONLINE classes overnight.  After just a few days clients were already begging us to keep this service going forever.  The convenience of doing our program from home plus the ability to “take” class at a time that was more convenient for them made complete sense for our loyal clients and allowed us to welcome back former members who moved away.  We listened to what our clients wanted to these are the options that were requested: 

In order to be successful with our virtual training you only need a few items to have on hand:
  • Dumbbells or fitness (elastic) bands – 
  • Jump Rope (but you can get away without one)
  • Open space about 15 feet wide and 10 feet in front/behind you
  • An exercise mat comes in handy
  • Extras that you do not need but will see in the videos:
    • BOSU ball
    • Medicine ball (substitute with a basketball or soccer ball)
    • Small bands that wrap around knees
    • Cones (12 inches and 3 inches) (substitute with hardback books)
    • Paper plates (substitute with a hand towel on hardwood floors or a hardcover book on a carpet)

Live bootcamp with ZOOM members

ON-DEMAND Boot Camp –  Grants access to prerecorded classes (we have both 60 minutes and 30 minute long videos) that you may watch at any time.  Additionally, you are granted access to our private Facebook page which has at least one video LIVE streamed during one of our daily workouts. All this for $40/month recurring monthly fee and a 3-month initial commitment with a month to month membership following that.  (Click here: Fit-VID On-Demand

Boot Camp Playlists – Additionally, we have created YouTube playlists for anyone who wants a pre-recorded video that they can access at a time and location that works best for them.  The options include 60-minute and 30-minute videos (for those who want an intense workout but need a shorter but focused workout due to time constraints.)   This is a one-time purchase and grants access to the playlist you choose forever!  Each playlist contains 24 videos with descriptions of the workout, equipment needed, and the targeted muscles/areas of the body. We have multiple playlists to chose from.  This is a one-time fee:

New playlists coming soon!

See the video below for an example of how we explain and demonstrate the exercises.