Sarge Fitness swiftly adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by seamlessly transitioning to virtual classes. The overwhelmingly positive response from our clients after just a few days convinced us to make this service a permanent fixture.

Welcome to our Virtual Boot Camp Program!  This program is an interactive fitness experience that brings the studio atmosphere directly to your home, office, or even your garage. When you log in, you’ll have a live view of what’s happening at the studio, and our skilled trainers will be able to observe you during your home workouts. This unique setup allows us to interact with you, provide form corrections, offer motivation, and keep you engaged throughout the session.

To succeed in our virtual training program, you’ll only need a few basic items at your disposal: (see pictures below for links to our recommended items)

  1. Dumbbells and/ or fitness (elastic) bands
  2. Jump Rope (optional)
  3. An open space of approximately 15 feet wide and 10 feet in front/behind you
  4. An exercise mat for added comfort

While not essential, you may find these additional items useful, as they are commonly used in our studio workouts or can be improvised at home:

  • BOSU ball / Stability ball
  • Medicine ball (a basketball or soccer ball can be substituted)
  • Small bands for knee exercises
  • Cones (12 inches and 3 inches) (hardback books can be used as substitutes)
  • Agility Ladder
  • Paper plates (a hand towel on hardwood floors or a hardcover book on a carpet can be used instead)

Virtual boot camp with ZOOM members

Classes start with a guided group warm-up and stretching. Then we move quickly into the fitness routine with continued guidance and directions from the trainer.

Join our Virtual Boot Camp through ZOOM for pre-arranged/scheduled classes (see below for our most up-to-date schedule). To participate, you’ll need an active Sarge account and must sign up in advance for your desired class time. We will email you a ZOOM link roughly 15 minutes before the class begins.  Click on the link and you will see our trainer inside the studio, ready to guide you through the workout! 
This outstanding service costs just $50 per month, with a 3-month initial commitment, followed by a flexible month-to-month membership. Don’t miss out; sign up for the ZOOM Boot Camp now by clicking the green “Book now” button on the schedule below: