Learn How To Run

Welcome!  You may have been running all your life, or you might be interested in training for your very first race.  Either way, you’ve likely never been taught “how to run“!  At least, this is what I’ve discovered in my more than 30 years of running and 20 years of coaching.

Can you answer questions like: What should your arms be doing? How is your foot supposed to strike the ground?  What about breathing?  How do you get faster?  Why does (insert any body part here) hurt?  What shoe should I be wearing? 

Running is one of the purest forms of exercise.  All you need is some decent shoes, maybe a watch and you are set.  You can run in any weather, at most any time of day, during your lunch break, before the kids wake up, or after everyone goes to bed.  Running makes your heart strong, builds self-esteem and you can run alone or with friends.  The running community is well known for being welcoming, inviting and open to all levels. 

If you’ve been running but have experienced setbacks, I know with a few simple adjustments, running could be easier, less painful and you will become more efficient.  You might even start to enjoy running even more than you already do!  I can help you do all that!  Let me be your coach and you will become a better runner!

Who am I?  I started running in my junior year of high school.  Technically, I was a latecomer to the sport.  Luckily for me, I was given a chance to attend a running camp during the summer leading up to my first cross country season and it has been the basis for my running career ever since.  I learned more (about running) during that weekend than I’ve learned ever since.  While I have never stopped learning, I am grateful for having the opportunity to “Learn How to Run” before I got into running.  

Since that weekend, I’ve never stopped running.  I run for sport, fun, and fitness.  Additionally, I’ve been eagerly sharing my knowledge with everyone who cares to listen, and lucky for me, many people want to learn more. 

Education: I have a B.S. in Health and Physical Education. I am an RRCA Certified Running Coach and am CPR/First Aid Certified. I am also the head coach for both Cross Country and Track at a local high school. 

Experience: I’ve completed races from the marathon distance and below. I’ve also completed every triathlon distance from 1/2 Ironman and below.



Running Form Critique: $150 for a one-hour analysis of your form (with video) and a guide to training for your next event. 

I will put you on a treadmill, or outside on a track, and we will discuss your running form.  There are at least four things we will talk about:

    1. Footstrike
    2. Arm Swing
    3. Cadence
    4. Different types of training plans – as desired. 

I will answer questions about how to get faster and/or how to improve. I will also help you analyze your past performance and develop strategies to perform better in the future. I will work with anyone from middle school students to high school cross-country runners to adults who are eager to learn.

Program Development: ($100/month) Let’s talk about a running/fitness goal you have and develop a plan to crush that goal!  This is an ongoing conversation between us.  You tell me what you want to accomplish and I tell you what you are going to need to do to accomplish it.  Then, as we move through the plan, we discuss everything from injuries, cross-training, nutrition, and life obstacles and we continuously adjust and revise the plan.  This plan includes a 30-minute running form critique, as mentioned above!  Any additional in-person training sessions (for example, you might want me to spend extra time with you in person to work on your running form or be there to track your speed work or anything else that can not be done virtually) will be an additional charge at a rate of $45 per 30 minutes.

Testimonials from clients:

Running Coaches: Tom’s sessions with our runners are an integral part of our program.  Tom brings his expertise and knowledge in runner biomechanics, strength and agility in an approachable, personable manner that makes him one of our most popular guest speakers.  As coaches, we appreciate not only his extensive education and background but the enthusiasm and obvious passion that Tom has for fitness and health.   —Lisa Reichmann & Julie Sapper, Co-Founders, Run Farther & Faster, LLC 

EllenMom, Lawyer, MRTT Member: I have happily been a middle of the pack runner for decades.  My goals have always been o finish is the top half of the race and top third of gender and age group.  Since I started training with Tom, I have shaved a minute per mile off my time in all distances, and set personal records in 5k, 8k, 10k, 10 mile, and half marathon distances (next marathon and triathlons are planned for next year)  I have even placed in age group and overall in races.  I am leaner, stronger and faster than ever before.

Price Seymour: College athlete.  I graduated from high school and was committed to playing college soccer beginning in August.  One of the requirements my college soccer coach published was that we needed to be able to run a 5:20 mile on the first day of practice.  I did a practice mile run and managed a 6:20 mile.  I knew I would need help to shave a full minute off my time.  I had several running coaches referred to me but once I talked with Tom, I knew he would be a good fit for me.  The first time I worked privately with Tom, he assessed my running style and pointed out several bad habits.  He worked with me to correct these issues.  I should point out that I am not a big fan of running, so Tom recognized this continued to stay in touch with me holding me accountable.  Tom personalized a running program so that it would best fit my goal.  By the end of the summer, I was able to hit the required mile time and started to enjoy running for fun. I know that without Tom’s help I would never have made my goal.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with Tom when I’m home on college breaks to continue to improve my running.

More clients video reviews: