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September 9, 2017

I LOVE Sarge Fitness! Our leader, Cheryl, will meet you where you are and take you to the next level of health and fitness! The people in the class are kind, fun and supportive. Our fitness levels vary greatly, but we're all getting stronger and healthier together. There isn't anything better than starting the day together. We will often even go to Starbucks afterwards on Friday mornings to check-in and talk about our goals. It's a real treat after a hard week of working out! We are also planning on participating in some upcoming events together. So in addition to joining a wonderful community that has supported me on my fitness journey, I have found that working out in the mornings has reduced my stress and increased my energy. I hope that you'll join us at St. Bernadette's at 5:45a.m. Monday-Friday!
Beth C.
Silver Spring Boot Camp
June 7, 2017

The Kentlands class with Becky as the instructor is awesome! She will challenge you and give you a kick in the pants when needed. She won't let you fail and you will see the results and feel better. She is also very knowledgeable and does a great job with mixing up the workouts, making them, I dare say, fun! I highly recommend this class for anyone, whether just beginning to the most fit of individuals. She's amazing at handling both in class.
Chris D.
Kentlands Boot Camp
November 18, 2016

Bootcamp sounds really intimidating, but once you get motivated enough to get yourself in the door at Sargent's you'll feel right at home. There are people of all fitness level, ages, shapes and sizes and everyone is so nice and welcoming. The first day you're there everyone knows your name and encourages each other. I have two young kids, a puppy, a hectic work and travel schedule and didn't think I'd be able to sign up for a class like this...but they are really flexible about letting me take a class at a different time or place if needed - whatever will help keep you motivated and working towards your goals. They also have social events to make it even more of a family/friend atmosphere. 3 weeks turns it into a if you can just make it here for 3 weeks you'll be on your way to being the fittest and happiest you've ever been. Good luck!
Audrey M.
Sterling Studio
October 26, 2016

For me, this is the best program I've ever joined. I love my trainer. He pushes me beyond my limits and knows what he's doing. He cares about his clients and will call you out. I could write my whole story here but no one cares of that. I hated working out but I knew I had to do it. Its hard. Workouts don't get easier. You just learn to manage the pain and push through each workout. I've tried other things in between but this just works for me. You won't like this program if you don't like being corrected with your form or being pushed. But at the end of the day you will get a hell of workout.
Hannah K.
Sterling Studio
August 12, 2016

The Candy Cane City Sergeant Boot Camp is amazing. I've only been doing it since April. I was initially worried about the wake up time as well as having a "drill sergeant" yelling at me to do more pushups or situps. You get used to the wake up time very quickly and Jon, the instructor, is incredibly supportive vs. serving as a dictator. My energy levels are now amazingly high throughout the day since I start off the day with a great workout. Even though I'm getting less sleep, I am by far more energized. Plus its an amazing group of people. I find it so much easier to workout when there is a group atmosphere vs. trying (and often failing) to workout by myself. They have free trials so there really is no reason not to give it a try.
Christopher B.
Chevy Chase Boot Camp
July 28, 2016

Great fitness program offering cardio and strength training with different levels for all abilities.
Cheryl S.
Sligo Middle Boot Camp