Indoor fitness bootcamp – why bring bootcamp inside?

Over the past few years, boot camp fitness training has become very popular. Some might say it is “all the rage” in modern fitness training. The reasons are simple…it’s a change from the old fitness routines, it’s fun, it’s led by a trainer and it’s outdoors. In a nutshell – it works.

At Custom Fitness Concepts, we look at the outdoor bootcamp program as breaking the mold of how the fitness industry has traditionally worked where gyms focused on selling memberships and not necessarily getting their clients fit.

So with all these great things happening in outdoor fitness, why would we open an indoor bootcamp studio? I’ll explain…

Making Boot Camp Training Even More Accessible

Before we answer the previous question, let’s clear up a potential misconception that somehow the indoor bootcamp program will be easier or less effective than our outdoor program. It won’t. The same basic principles we bring to our programs apply no matter where we are:

  • Our programs are organized around similar fitness training procedures found in the military, Yoga, CrossFit, running, weight training and most other facets of fitness.
  • We utilize the power of the larger group dynamic will provide social support for each member of the group.
  • While each member may work at his or her own pace, they do so working toward a common goal.
  • Participants get the guidance and motivation they need from their boot camp instructor.

But outdoor boot camps are not for everyone, and brining the program inside has some obvious advantages such as removing the “weather” issue from the equation. Being indoors also allows us to explore new exercises and be even more creative using fitness accessories and non-traditional equipment like BOSU, TRX (Suspension Trainers), Body Bars and other tools trainers can’t take to class every day.

Advantages of Indoor Boot Camp

In addition to all of the benefits of the typical outdoor boot camp, indoor boot camps offer additional benefits:

  • Exercising in a climate controlled facility eliminates any concerns about weather
  • A flexible class schedule that allows you to attend a class through-out the day (and weekends too)
  • Balance, stability and core training that you cannot get outside that enhances your functional fitness
  • Keep all of the great benefits of the outdoor program, because we can STILL go outside when we really want to

So if you haven’t been over to our new location to check it out, we invite you to at least stop by and see for yourself. You might even find the CFC trainers enjoying a little air conditioning during our workouts during our unusually warm spring. But don’t worry; you’ll still see plenty of sweating going on at indoor boot camp!