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What To Expect on Your First Day with Sarge Fitness Boot Camp

What to Expect On Your First Day with Sarge Fitness Boot Camp

To each class, please bring the following with you:

– An exercise mat or beach towel
– A bottle full of water
– At least 2 sets of dumbbells (except to the Sterling Studio)
(what ever you’d consider a light set as well as a heavy set)
– A great attitude

1. Please do you best to get to your class at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Our classes start and finish on time. We will lead you though a structured warm up and appropriate stretching. Feel free to join the class even if you are running late; but be advised that your warm up and stretching will be at your own discretion.

2. Proper shoes

It is imperative that you have properly fitted exercise shoes that should be no more than 5 month old. Cross trainers or running shoes are great for this program but NOT the type of running shoe with extra padding like HOKA.
The cardiovascular portion of our workouts involves lots of higher impact exercises (unless modifications are needed). Hence, your shoes should be comfortable and offer enough cushioning and support. For specific assistance in choosing the correct shoes, please contact your local running shoe store for more information about the best shoes to fit you. (Potomac River Running, Pacers, Fleet Feet, Road Runner Sports, are great stores willing to help you and they often gives discounts when you mention our name!)

3. Proper clothing

Dress in layers. It is best to have some sort of performance fabric closest to the skin with a cotton layer on top of that for warmth. As you get warmer during class, you can take off the outer layer. A wind breaker of some sort is perfect for the outer most layer. If you have some sort of reflective material (vests or reflective bands/straps), feel free to wear that as well. Head lamps or flashlights are recommended during the winter months when our classes are held in the dark.

3. Nutrition:

Drink water during the day to stay hydrated enough for your next class, be it in warm or cold weather, morning or night. Bring water to each class. Sports drinks are fine to, but they contain extra calories that are probably not necessary during the workout since our classes are only one hour long. If you must eat, then eat something small that can be fully digested in the 30-45 minutes prior to your workout. Examples include: banana, orange juice, meal replacement bar/drink or nuts.

4. Counting Cadence:

We expect everyone in class to count the number of repetitions completed. The purpose of counting the repetitions is to ensure you are breathing correctly. It is very important to exhale and inhale properly during intense exercise. Counting will help ensure you are breathing properly. We start each exercise in a certain position which will ensure that when you count, you exhale at the proper interval.

5. Location/ alternate location:

All sites meet at the same place 99% of the time. However, check with your instructor for alternate locations during inclement weather. Weather is generally not a factor (meaning we ARE going to meet even if it is raining). Our inclement weather policy follows the decisions of the applicable school districts. If schools are closed for students (even if administrative offices are open), classes are cancelled. If schools are delayed, it is at the discretion of the instructor whether or not to hold class.

6. Communication:

If you have or have had any major medical issues, please be sure your trainer is aware of them. This includes being pregnant or having any current or past injuries. Your trainer should be able to provide you a modification to ensure you are able to stick with the routine.
In addition, your trainers need to be made aware if they are pushing you at the right level of intensity. Communication is key to your success in the program. We will push you as much as we feel like you can do, but if you ever feel that you can do more, or need to drop it down a notch, please let us know. This is a group exercise program and we need to attend to the needs of the entire group, but if there are ways that we can work with you, just let us know.
Your instructor(s) will be alerted of your enrollment but do not be surprised if they do not expect you. If you wish to speak to them directly, prior to your class, feel free to email them using the contact information found in the 1st paragraph.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Tom Kalka, President of Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts, on his cell: 703-328-0959 (however, Tom teaches boot camp classes as well and may not be available to answer calls before and after typical class times, so please ensure you make plans in advance).
We sincerely appreciate your business and wish you the best as you work towards your fitness goals!
The Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts Team
Phone: 888 BOOTCAMP (888-266-8226)

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