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Why should you exercise?

Many people hate it. Far too many people avoid it and will use every excuse imaginable to stay away from it.  There are plenty of people who use it as a gauge to see where they are, either comparing themselves to others (competition) or comparing where they are now to where they used to be.

However, recently, I have witnessed a number of friends who have had significant health related issues. Cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), injuries (and returning injuries), and nasty life/limb threatening infections. There has been no restriction on age (as young as age 8), gender or fitness level. Terrible things can happen to anyone at any time.

However, what I did notice is how these people have dealt with their condition and maybe more importantly, how they have recovered from it.

Your current health greatly determines how you, your mind and your body will deal with something catastrophic in the future.

The best way to avoid cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle today. Those who must live with Multiple Sclerosis are told to stay active. Injuries need rest, but the fitter you are before your injury, the faster you’ll bounce back.  Sustain an injury while you are feeble ensure it will take longer to recover. Finally, infections can be life threatening to someone with poor circulation and exercises increases your bodies ability to circulate blood.  If your bodily tissues are healthy today and your circulatory system is functioning properly, your body will have a great chance to fight any infections more successfully.

Anyone who develops a significant health problem will inevitability deal with some level of depression. However, those who regularly practice healthy habits are far more likely to snap out of their depression sooner than someone who is out of shape and looking at a longer recovery time… if they can recover at all.

So, why should you exercise? To prepare for the unknown.

The unknown might be that you have to run through the airport to catch your flight this weekend. Are you ready?

Maybe you’ve been exposed to a nasty virus yesterday and will need the next few days, weeks, maybe even months to fight it off. How will you handle it?

You might have had a annual exam and your doctor might be calling you tomorrow to tell you that he/she has come concerns over your test results. Will you be able to deal with this mentally, physically and emotionally?

The better shape you are in today, means

the better prepared you will be to deal with the unknown tomorrow.

Sarge Fitness isn’t the only option to help you prepare. If Sarge isn’t the best fit for you, then find something that does work for you. If Sarge is right for you, then do not delay for tomorrow may be too late.

I have always believed that preventive medicine is the best medicine.