8 things your boot camp instructor wants you to know.

8 Things Your Boot Camp Instructor Wants You to Know

Sarge’s Fitness Boot Camp Program is a structured, supervised exercise program that produces results for those who are committed to showing up for on a regular basis.  Commitment means showing up everyday, or almost everyday, for the best results possible!

Sarge wants everyone to work together and get the most out of the program! Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your membership: 

Be attentive in class. Boot camp thrives on the social aspect of the program and we want you to make friends in your class.  However, we ask that you limit the social time during class itself. We want to make sure everyone can hear and understand the directions and we do not want anyone getting hurt because they didn’t understand what to do.  

Help us ensure everyone gets the full effect of the services they are paying for.

Solicit fitness advice from the RIGHT people. It might be easy to seek advice from fellow boot campers but, while the intent is good, misinformation will likely result in a lack of results or even injuries.


Count the number of repetitions for the exercises out loud.

(See why this is important on the Sarge BLOG on Counting)

Use a resistance level/weight that challenges you.

In order to see results, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. It is impossible for someone to “bulk up” in a boot camp class because of the effort and time required to do so. Try starting with a higher resistance/weight and if need be, then lighten the load on the second or third set of the exercise. Your goal should be to struggle to complete any given set, and not be comfortable.

Buy/wear appropriate shoes.

Avoid purchasing your shoes from a discount shoe store, or the brand that is on sale and never wear shoes that are beyond their usefulness.  

A good quality shoe prevent injuries over the long term.  

Good shoes are only going to be effective for five to eight months depending upon many factors. (Learn more on the Sarge Blogs on running shoes and minimalist running).

Make boot camp part of your training for a big racing event.  

Boot camp is the BEST supplemental training to any distance training program.  It helps curtail injuries and it is only going to enhance your fitness on race day.  Try using boot camp classes instead of doing those shorter runs and your big racing event will go so much better than you expected! (Read some of our testimonials here!).

Make sure to warm-up at the beginning of class.

Arriving late and not warming up is a sure fire way toSarge Fitness Boot Camp Woodley Park Rockville Maryland sustain an injury, no matter what age you are!  While we don’t mind you showing up late, spend a little time running through a dynamic warm-up to be sure your body is ready for the workout.

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