Highly Rated Boot Camps in DC

Over the years, Custom Fitness Concepts and The Sergeant’s Program (combined now into Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts) have been listed among the top group fitness programs in the metro DC area.  Since joining forces in September 2015, we have only strengthened our hold as one of the best programs around.

The Washington Post: “Looking for a few good boot camps” (2007)

The Washingtonian: “13 highly rated boot camps” (2014)

While these lists are somewhat dated; the truth is that many of these other programs didn’t survive.  Yet, we are still here.  That should speak volumes about our program, our trainers, as well as our clients!

If you check our Yelp Reviews (search for Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts in Yelp’s search bar) or Facebook posts, you see that our clients talk about the community they have become a part of and the amazing results that they see as being the biggest reasons for their continued participation in the program.  We feel this is the biggest reason our program has survived where others failed.

There are other web sites like: Thumbtack, Yellow Pages and many others, who do not even list our program in their database.  Why?  Because these websites only allow PAID advertisers to be ranked on their pages and we don’t want to play that game!

* Best Boot Camp Program (but only if you pay to be listed).* no thanks…

Try us for yourself and see how we rank in your eyes.

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