Five ways to tell what kind of shape you are in

The difference between good and great

There are many ways of measuring how your personal fitness levels, and just about any health professional might give you different advice about what constitutes being considered “physically fit”. However, if you truly want to be considered “in great shape”, read about these five components which are the basics of a well-rounded approach to being in great shape.

5 basics you must master for getting in “great shape”

  1. Muscle strength. This refers to the amount of weight you are able to lift a single time. For those who are serious weight lifters, this can be in the hundreds of pounds! However, for many people, it may be the ability to do a single pushup.
  2. Muscle endurance. Endurance differs from strength because it refers to the ability of your muscles to do the same action repeatedly, such as biking or resistance training. Like muscle strength, muscle endurance can only be built up over time.
  3. Body composition. This measure compares the amount of body fat to your total body weight to give you a percentage. Healthy males have around 16% body fat while healthy females generally have a body fat percentage closer to 24%.
  4. Cardiovascular stamina. Like endurance, this refers to being able to do something for a long time. However, cardiovascular stamina refers specifically to your heart’s ability to pump sufficient oxygen to your muscles so that you can complete physical tasks without stopping.
  5. Flexibility.  Flexibility is rarely at the top of one’s list when they start working out, but being able to move your joints through their full range of motion is very important because it reduces the likelihood of injury both during workouts and daily activities.

The best way to get in great shape is Bootcamp!

If you are ready to push yourself to the next level and get in the best shape of your life, consider enrolling for a fitness boot camp in your location.  We are so certain you will enjoy the experience that you can try a class for free.