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Gym vs. Sarge Fitness’ Boot Camp Program

 Gyms versus Sarge Fitness Boot Camp Program 

It’s not uncommon to see tons of advertisements from gyms begging you to join them. No enrollment fees, $0 money down, $10/month. It’s easy money for those big guys. They’ll recruit thousands of members who will pay monthly fees knowing that only about 10-20% of those members will use the facility on a regular basis.

Why is Boot Camp better?

Because 70-80% of our members SHOW UP on a regular basis. 

Sarge’s boot camp is a no frills, back to basics, group exercise program run by trainers who are passionate about fitness. Only passionate types would volunteer their time at 6AM in 20 degree weather to teach group fitness classes. Do Sarge trainers really want to be out there instead of being in a nice warm bed? Of course they do! They are eager to help you, eager to show you the way to a better, fitter you!

The trainers of our boot camps stick with the basics when it comes to exercise and these are proven to produce results. We do not use cardio machines and we have no music blaring over loud speakers. Additionally, you won’t hear or see weights being dropped, slammed or left behind for someone else to pick up. 

Sarge’s boot camp program is designed for all fitness levels and meant to be an all-encompassing program that will help you get into much better shape. Advanced athletes can participate right next to the beginner and yet everyone feels challenged.  

Why should I join a boot camp over a gym? 

First, ask yourself, “How has that gym membership worked for me in the past?” If you want actual results and haven’t seen any with the gym, then why try again?  Will it be different this time? You need boot camp!

If you want flexible schedules, 24/7 hours, and a pretty facility that you never use, then join a gym and throw your money out the window. If you’d rather be surrounded by people who really want to get into better shape and supervised by a fitness professional who knows your name and wants to see you succeed, then boot camp is for you. 

Once you are a paying member, gyms aren’t focused on you and your goals. Contrarily, Sarge’s boot camp earns money by having loyal clients who keep coming back month after month and year after year. We understand that results are addictive and you’ll come back if you continue to see progress. Our trainers know that in order to keep their clients as clients, they have to help them achieve their fitness goals. Not only that but we want to be sure the clients have fun while working hard. Even though it is a group exercise program, you are still going to get more personal attention from your boot camp trainer than you’ll ever get from a global gym (unless you pay big money for a personal trainer). 
Think about it like this: gyms are great for people who already know how to exercise and are dedicated to getting there everyday. These folks already know how to develop and execute their own exercise program.

In contrast, our program takes care of all the planning and execution, all you have to do is show up.

For the novice exerciser, the gym can be a scary place – noisy machines that you have no clue how to use and all the ‘regulars’ who are looking at you like you are invading their personal space. Most people will stop going to their gym within a few weeks of signing up. However, they will still be paying for that gym membership long after they stop using it, which is what the gyms are banking on.

At Sarge Fitness, we reach out to you and ask how we can help get you back in class if you’ve fallen off the wagon. We work with you when you have an injury and cannot do certain movements.

We push you during class beyond what you thought you were capable of.  

Lastly, boot camp workouts are fun!  What makes a boot camp so special is the environment. It’s the people, the workout, the trainer, the surroundings; all of it plays a role into your overall experience and nothing compares to it. It’s hard to ignore the sense of community and camaraderie you’ll get with other members of your class.  Whether it’s the shared misery of the “last set,” the cooperative out-loud counting, or the all-too-fun needling of the instructor, a boot camp environment is so unique you will leave class with an “I-can’t-wait-for-the-next-one” feeling.   

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