Why We Call it Fitness Boot Camp

Get out of the gym for real results

Why do they call it a fitness “boot camp” anyway? (Some also spell it “bootcamp”).  In some cases, the instructor may have a military background. But in most cases, boot camp refers to the unique style of these workouts. The workouts do not use a lot of equipment and do not take place in a traditional group workout facility like the one you have probably seen at most gyms.

Most boot camps take place outside but you might find one in the basement of your building or even on a beach. What else can you expect when you sign up for a fitness boot camp?

–          Workouts designed for multiple levels so the beginners workout alongside those who have been attending boot camps for years

–          No machines and very few accessories incorporated into the routine

–          No music

–          Male and female participants, both young and older

–          Changing workouts – the boot camps are designed to keep you motivated, so trainers come up with a variety of ways to work your muscles

Try one for free and find out for yourself

Every fitness boot camp is different, so you may be wondering what CFC’s boot camp is all about. That’s where the Free Boot Camp demo class comes in – since each and every boot camp is a little different, you can try of our free to see if it is the right fit for you. As we get ready to start a new year, try a new way to get fit; many people find that the boot camp workout to be a fun and motivating change from the traditional gym.