More food tips to maximize your workouts

If you have recently started a workout regimen, it can be frustrating to keep going if you don’t feel like you are seeing any results. One reason that you might not be seeing the results you want is that your diet is undoing all the work you are putting in during your workouts.

The stomach plays an important role in the body’s digestive system; however, it is just one part of this system.  By understanding how it functions, you may better understand why your eating habits are ruining your weight loss goals.

2 Great Tips for Eating Better:

  1. Size consistency.
    Try to eat similar sized meals each time you eat, rather than having a big dinner or breakfast.
  2. Consistent timing.
    Eat at the same time every day. Your body will well to a routine, while eating sporadically can stimulate the body to hold on to calories.

Effects of overeating

When you regularly overeat, your body struggles to work efficiently.  This can ultimately cause your metabolism to slow down – a factor that does not help if your goal is to lose weight.