Sarge is Giving Away $1,000

I have written out this check for $1,000 and I want to write your name on it!

Spring is here and it is the best time of year for outdoor fitness!  While Sarge does a lot to promote our program; nothing compares to what our clients say about us.  Referrals have always been and we expect them to always be the #1 way people learn about Sarge.

Sarge wants to take advantage of this break in the weather and recruit more people into our ranks, and we want your help!  We would love it if you could spread the word about what Sarge has done for you and why you keep coming back for more, year after year. Our current referral program will remain in place (a $25 online gift card for every referral you send us) but I want to do something above and beyond.  Sarge is going to reward someone with one massive grand prize and I sincerely hope you are motivated by a check for $1000!

This check is for the person who refers the most new enrollments during the month of March. This is a serious incentive and therefore takes a serious commitment from you to earn; so the winner must have a minimum of 5 new enrollments to qualify.  (Remember, the usual incentive program is still in effect so even if you “only” bring in 4 new clients you will still earn $100 in online gift cards). 

How does it work:

Use social media, talk your friends, co-workers, church members, family members, neighbors, or anyone else about Sarge. Encourage them to try a free week of boot camp (currently offered to everyone during the month of March).  Then we will introduce them to the March Madness Special: Enroll for 6 months (or more) of unlimited boot camp and get the 7th month FREE. Anyone wanting this deal should contact [email protected] for more details.  Carol will ask how they heard about us and they should mention your name as the referral. 

You have from now until March 31st to talk to as many people as you can about Sarge Boot Camp. If you can get 5 or more of them enroll for our March Madness Special then you will be eligible for the cash prize of $1000. The one person who finds the most people will win the award however, if we have multiple people tie with the same number of referrals I’ll give them each $1000!

Sarge has never done anything like this before and we are super excited about it.  We are hoping you are too!