The best fitness routine for 2012

There are many different ways to plan a fitness routine. One of the ways you want to plan a fitness routine is in the sense of having a long-term plan. You can make a plan for the entire year that will ensure that you always have a goal to reach and that you give yourself adequate time to rest and enjoy the results of your efforts.

In this blog post, we will outline the absolute best way to establish a fitness routine for 2012.

The First Quarter

During the first quarter of the year, you’ll want to concentrate on getting your body ready for the challenges you’re going to take on during the rest of your fitness plan. Cross training is a big part of this.

When you cross train, you essentially work parts of your body that your favorite activities don’t address adequately. For example, if you are an avid weightlifter, cross training would mean increasing your activity as far as cardio exercises go.

Try to stick to low intensity exercises during this phase and put your effort into maintaining good physical condition rather than improving your physical condition. It won’t hurt to put a dent into burning off those extra holiday pounds either!

The Second Quarter

This is the phase where you really start getting in shape. You’re going to want to set a goal, so get hold of some marathon, foot race or even extreme sports schedules and decide which ones you’d like to participate in.

During the second quarter of the year, you’ll be working very hard to get your body stronger, faster and to increase your endurance. Your personal trainer will likely recommend that you kick up the amount of time you spend training, as well.

The Third Quarter

This is where you get out and you run. Most of your training, at this point, should be focused on helping you do better in the specific events in which you are enrolled. If you want to keep up the cross training, consider taking a yoga class or attending a boot camp to learn some innovative new ways to exercise.

The Fourth Quarter

This is the part of the year where you take it down a notch and recover. Remember to maintain a healthy weight and not to put on pounds over the holidays. After you’ve worked so hard and accomplished so much, it will be hard to dissuade yourself from overindulging.