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The Importance of Goal Setting & Communication with your Personal Trainer

Did you know that part of the Sarge Mission statement says: “to hold you accountable to your fitness goals”?

Our goal is to help you with your fitness goals.  However, in order to do this, you need to know what your goals are and then share them with us so we can help create an exercise plan that meets those goals.

Why goal sharing is a key to fitness success

So, the only effective way for us to ‘hold you accountable’ is for both trainer and client to communicate about goals and ways we can motivate you.

We do our best to make you work harder than you’d work on your own and we are (hopefully) strongly encouraging you to show up on a regular basis.  However, our trainers can do more if you ask them to do so.  Some of you need and/or actually want, extra motivation to work hard, or to show up or to push towards that goal you might have.

Communication between clients and trainers is vital to the success of the client.  Try to let us know how we can help and what we can do to help.  I assure you that our trainers will do their best to ensure we are doing everything we can to assist you with your fitness goals.

Questions you should not be afraid to ask us

Examples of the types of questions that our trainers would love to know the answer:

  • How can we motivate you to show up more often?
  • Do you need us to push you a little harder in class, and how can we do that?
  • Would you like us to ensure you are working something safely and properly ( e.g., you have a shoulder that hurts and would like us to pay special attention to your military presses to ensure you are not doing anything wrong that might cause more damage).
  • What sort of extra equipment can you purchase that would enhance your workout: medicine balls, BOSU balls, stability balls, hand weights, heart rate monitor, etc

Some people may think that asking for extra attention is a bad thing, but when your health and fitness is at stake, we say it’s a good thing.  Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts has classes all across metro Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland so there’s a good chance you can find a location right near you – wherever that may be.