The truth about exercise gimmicks and infomercials

What you see is not usually what you get

Everyone who has turned on their television or radio has been exposed to an advertisement promising a better body or significant weight loss with minimal to no effort.

Maybe it is a pill, a diet, or piece of workout equipment, but whatever it is; it promises results beyond your wildest dreams. Ten pounds in ten days or perfect abdominal muscles in only 10 minutes, three times a day – who wouldn’t prefer to get a great body this way instead of putting the time and effort into working out and eating right?

The truth about informercials and TV gimmicks

The truth is, everyone would prefer to do things the fast and easy way, but there is no “quick fix” when it comes to fitness and overall health. No pill, liquid diet, or single piece of equipment is going to create the changes you want.

The only thing that will produce the body you want and result in better overall health is a consistent workout regimen and a healthy, balanced diet. There are many different options out there for a personal fitness program, but the most effective workouts combine cardio with resistant training so that you are improving endurance while building muscle.

I tell my clients that working out should be considered basic maintenance for your body. You take the car to have oil changes and you update the software on your computer so that they will work optimally, so it only follows that you will have to make regular efforts to keep your body working too.

Your body is one thing that you cannot replace, so putting time and effort into it is making a lasting investment in your most valuable asset.