Who’s Fault Is It that I Got Hurt

I recently had a fairly new client write me (anonymously) and tell me that he/she is never coming back to my program because he/she hurt his/her hamstring during class. She went on to blame the trainer, the workout and the lack of a proper warm-up. Now, since he/she was anonymous, I could not do any research to understand better what had happened. But it did get me thinking about injuries and whose fault they really are when they happen.

NFL football players are phenomenal athletes, surrounded by elite coaches, trainers and doctors. Some NFL players are considered “elite” players at their positions and you have to assume they really know how to take care of themselves and they know how to listen to the people in charge of taking care of them.

Take two of the best wide receivers in the game today, Wes Welker and André Johnson.  Twice in the 2009 season, Welker had to sit on the side lines after injuries knocked him out for the season. André Johnson is another wide receiver for the Huston Texans. During this play, Johnson is wide open, catches a pass and falls to the ground after pulling his hamstring.

>> Click here to watch the video of Andre’ Johnson when he injured his hamstring

Now, who’s fault was it? His coaching staff for not ensuring he was properly warmed up? I doubt that he went into a game not being properly warmed up. Was it his trainers fault for not ensuring he had a proper strength training and stretching program? Again, I seriously doubt it. Was it his fault? Possibly.

But again, I don’t think so, I think, bad things just happen sometimes. Injuries and illness can knock the best athletes and well intentioned non-athletes, off the track. It isn’t anyone’s fault, it just happens.