Why skipping your workout just isn’t worth it.

Just like crime, laziness doesn’t pay

When the weather gets cooler, it seems like the temptation to take a day off from your workout routine increases. The days are shorter and staying in the comfort of your own home can sound very appealing. But it is important to stick to your personal training regimen even when it is very tempting to take just one day off.

Reason #1 – Let’s start with the math

To understand why it is so important to avoid skipping workouts, take a look at the raw numbers.
• There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat, which means that to lose a single pound of fat from working out, you need to do 3,500 calories worth of exercise.
• The average 150 pound female who works out with CFC burns about 576 calories during our one hour class or 432 calories during a weight training session with a trainer.
• That means it takes 6 classes to lose one pound, or nine sessions of weight lifting.

If you skip even one workout, losing weight will take that much longer for you to accomplish.

Reason #2 – Habits are easier to form when they are routine

This may seem a little depressing at first, but remember that your diet also helps with weight loss. If you have cut your daily caloric intake, you will lose weight more quickly. However, when you skip workouts, eat an extra serving at dinner, or help yourself to calorie-filled alcoholic beverages; reaching long-term weight loss and fitness goals will be much more difficult.

It isn’t easy to stick to your nutrition plan and fitness routine, but if you make these habits part of your lifestyle, you will feel better and be healthier. Reach out to your family and friends for support, and remember that you have a great resource in the trainers at CFC!