6 great workout gadgets you have to try

Add spice to your workout with these tools

Before we discuss some gadgets that will help you get more fit, it is important to understand that there is no magic machine. None of the infomercial miracle machines will truly give you the body you want without significant changes in other ways as well.

However, there are some gadgets that can make working out more productive and help you get better results from your normal routine.  This article takes a quick look at a few of our favorites.

6 Great Workout Gadgets:

–  Medicine balls: these weighted balls can be used in squats, lunges, while running, jumping, and during ab workouts to increase resistance

–  Weighted vests: a weighted vest is an easy way to make squats, lunges, and running more challenging

–  Bosu ball: a bosu ball is a great way to develop your core body muscles which will help prevent injuries and alleviate lower back pains

–   Weighted jump rope: like other weights, a weighted jump rope increases resistance and makes jumping rope more challenging

–  Stability balls: like a bosu ball, a stability ball will help you develop balance and improve your core

–  Wrist and ankle weights: an easy way to make any exercise more challenging, whether cardiovascular or basic weight training.

These workout gadgets are not a short cut to the perfect body, but they can increase the challenge posed to your body and the results you will see from your workouts. These are relatively inexpensive and once you buy them, you can use them for years to come as you maintain your body and health throughout your lifetime.

Learn how to use these tools and make them part of your personal workout routine.