Exercise is still the best cure for stress

Often imitated but never duplicated results from exercise

It seems like there are more reasons than ever to feel incredibly stressed these days. Just turn on the news or open a newspaper, and everything that you read will make you feel anxious – rising unemployment levels, corrupt leaders in government and business, even the traffic in your daily commute seems more frustrating today.

What is this “miracle cure” for modern stress? Exercise. It really is that simple.

There are many remedies that people suggest for stress, but there is one that will not only help you feel less stressed, but will actually help you feel better overall. It’s not very expensive, and it pays off in the long-term through better health and mobility.

Short term and long term benefits

The great thing about exercise is that it alleviates stress immediately as well as building better emotional and physical health over the long-term as well. The long-term benefits of an exercise program have been well established and explored in previous posts, so in this post we will focus on the immediate benefits (or, great reasons NOT to skip your workouts this week!):

– Takes your mind off of your problems as you focus on the physical challenge
– Relaxation and happiness after your workout, due to the physical exertion and release of endorphins
– A clearer mind after working out, allowing you to address any issues with more focus
– 3 to 5 hours of exercise each week will improve self-confidence and reduce overall stress levels for the week

So don’t let your busy week or other issues take you away from your workouts or personal training – think about all the ways that a little time in the gym can help you handle your problems and feel better.