What app/technique do you use to track calories eaten or burned?

What app/technique do you use to track calories eaten or burned?

Tom Kalka, Sarge CEO

How often do you use it (daily/once in a while/ when I need to)

Maybe you need a recommendation?

I’ve always been a fan of MyFitnessPal. It is very easy to use (even allowing you to scan the bar code of any product which automatically uploads the nutrients into the app). It also tracks a lot of other data like body fat%, body fat (in lbs) and weight over time so you can see trends. In addition, your trainer (me) can see your stats if we are friends (find me at cptkalka) and I can provide recommendations and suggestions. Finally, it also links with other apps like Garmin which then automatically uploads changes in weight and logs calories burned each time you exercise.

Now, I haven’t tried many of the other apps out there (Loseit, MyMacros, FatSecret) but maybe you can find what you need there.  The point is, some people need to do this and others do not. If you have NO CLUE, what you are doing when it comes to eating and you are not seeing the results that you want to see, then I highly recommend using some mechanism that gives you information that allows you to make better decisions. Some people have no idea what they are doing until they track it.  I always recommend to my clients that they be loyal to their food intake and track it for 3-4 days, at least one of those days being a weekend. You’ll learn a LOT in the short amount of time. If you need more help/ advice or guidance, reach out to me! (Free of charge) it’s what I do!

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