Dealing with Lower Back Pain

There is a reason that chiropractors stay as busy as they are.  Back pain, and specifically lower back pain, is one of the top complaints that Americans have regardless of whether or not you consider yourself an athlete.  And at CFC, many of our clients often ask about whether or not our exercise programs will make this worse or actually help them to start feeling some relief.

Causes of lower back pain

Pain in the lower back can be caused by many different things; usually it is because of a lack of core body strength.  New clients usually experience the most back pain because of the stress on the back when CFC personal instructors are training clients with new exercises. The body (back) is being put in a position that it isn’t used to being put in, and weakness in the back (or core body) can cause pain.  CFC trainers most often hear clients’ reports back pain when they are performing Squats and Leg Raises.


Usually, if the client just continues to do the exercise over a period of a week or two, the core body will get stronger and the pain will disappear on its own. However, do not push through back pain. Listen to your body. Ask your trainer how to modify the exercise if you are experiencing pain and they will adjust the range of motion which usually decreases the intensity of the pain, while still working your muscles.