Working out is for everyone no matter what your age

Got workout excuses? We’ve heard them all!

Everyone has a reason why they can’t workout. I hear them all – my job is too hectic, my schedule is too erratic, the gym is inconvenient, you name it, I have heard it.

Some of these excuses are a valid reason to change your approach to working out, but almost none of them are a good enough reason to stop! In fact, one excuse I have heard from one of my older clients is actually a reason to workout more rather than less – that the aches and pains of aging are making it hard to be physically active.

Why the excuses aren’t valid

One of the greatest benefits of a consistent workout routine and regular exercise as you age is that it improves your physical wellbeing. Regular workouts help you physically as they eliminate a great deal of the soreness, joint issues, and loss of flexibility that come as part of an inactive lifestyle and aging.

You will have more energy and feel better when you maintain a workout regiment, no matter how old or young you are.

I know that when I take time off from the gym, I can feel the effects both physically and mentally. I start to hear a clicking noise in my shoulder and knees and I feel weaker overall. I am more prone to making poor choices when I eat and I feel a little “blah” because I do not have the exercise endorphins lifting my mood and giving me energy.

As a busy person, I know that I don’t have time to be slower mentally or physically. With regular exercise and a healthier diet, I stay sharp. Whether you are 22 or 72, this basic principle applies to you, too.