Fitness myths about bulking up and running is bad for your knees

More fitness myths that do more harm than good

In previous posts, we have reviewed some popular fitness myths regarding working out and nutrition, but these are not the full extent of the myths floating around regarding nutrition.

Other prevalent fitness myths that are counterproductive for those trying to truly improve their health and fitness include the following:

–  Weight and resistance training will create bulky muscles. People often link weight training in their minds to weight lifters, the bulky men and women who perform in contests on television. However, to get that large and build that level of muscle mass requires an incredible amount of time and effort. Weight lifters usually work with weights anywhere from 8 to 12 times each week. Normal weight and resistance training is usually done only 3 times per week, which results in a longer, leaner, more toned appearance rather than a bulging one.

– If you want to reduce the amount of fat on the back of your arms, do a lot of triceps exercises. Or, you might have heard people saying that they are doing 300 crunches to get rid of their stomach fat. Unfortunately, your body does not work this way. When you lose weight, the fat is reduced throughout your body rather than at any single spot.

– Running is bad for your knees. The pain in your knees that you blame on running can be explained by any number of things – old shoes, a poor running surface, or poor form. With simple adjustments, you can correct your running habits to reduce or eliminate the pain in your knees, allowing you to run well into your old age.

If you have any questions about the fitness myths being discussed here, please contact one of the personal trainers at Custom Fitness Concepts who will be happy to answer your questions about your specific situation.