CFC‘s CEO Has Crappy Workouts Too!

Have you ever watched a baseball game where the best hitter on a team goes zero for four? Have you ever watched the best wide receiver in a key game drop two passes at a critical time? Of course!

We have all watched others have a bad day. Sometime a whole team will have a bad day.

But when it comes to working out, do even the fittest personal trainers have bad days? You bet we do!

It’s All Relative…

Just because someone is more fit than you are does not mean that exercise is always fun and easy for them. The truth is it’s not, and we have more than our share of days that we struggle to finish a workout.

There are a lot of reasons why we might have a bad day working out, and all trainers can have the same issues you have. So, don’t be surprised if or when you see me:

  • Feeling too tired to put in maximum effort
  • Needing to take a short cut or
  • Managing with an injury

We are human too!