Is your trainer doing their job?

Don’t overlook these important questions

If you have committed the time and effort to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through eating right and exercise, don’t short change yourself by making a poor choice when it comes to picking a personal trainer. This may seem relatively simple, but the reality is that there are many people out there who call themselves trainers but do not know what they are doing or are not effective.

Here are some questions to consider that will help you determine if you are working out with someone great or if you should start looking for someone new:

–          How often does your trainer correct your form? One of the most important things a trainer does is to ensure that you are doing exercises properly, not only so you will see results more quickly but also to avoid injuries. Your trainer should be correcting your form constantly, during every exercise.

–          Does your trainer push you during training sessions? A good trainer pushes you to give extra effort – whether it’s five more reps or one more mile. You should feel like you had an excellent workout after each session.

–          Does your trainer work to motivate you? The right trainer will encourage you in a way that makes you excited and driven to reach your fitness goals. A good trainer coaches you so that you are able to do more than you would do on your own.

–          Does your trainer hold you accountable as a student? When you fail to stick to your diet or work out between sessions, your trainer should hold you accountable. Do you discuss goals, timelines, and plans with your students? A good fitness trainer should help you set goals and hold you to them.

Don’t be afraid to move on

Finding the right trainer is very important to helping you stay positive, motivated and healthy on your life journey.  So don’t settle for the first one you meet because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.  Trainers are professionals, and no 2 are alike – so don’t be afraid to move on if you think there may be a better trainer out there for you.