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Why your workout isn’t working for you


Why your workout isn’t working for you.

Typically, people find something they like and then stick with it, forever!  This goes for exercise as well. If you find a routine, be it Yoga, classes at the gym or even running; you will of course be more consistent if you enjoy it.  However, a routine can become just that, routine.

For the most part, anything new will work in the very beginning (generally, about a month). The problem is when that ‘new workout’ becomes a ‘routine’ workout, your body knows what to expect and no longer needs to adapt to accomplish the tasks you’ve given it.  Here is why:

The muscles of the body react to the stimulus you put them under.  If we stress a muscle to the point that it cannot handle a load, then the muscle needs to grow in order to handle that load. If the load is applied over and over again (exercise), the body will adapt to the stimulus and will no longer need to adapt. Therefore, if the stimulus doesn’t change, the body doesn’t need to change either.

A load can be defined as weight lifting (resistance training), running/walking (cardiovascular training) or stretching (flexibility).

Using weight training as an example, many people will find a routine that they want to try from a magazine, a friend or (my least favorite) Instagram. At first, you are sore, fatigued and amazed at how hard that new routine is, but if you repeat it over and over, you will no longer be sore, fatigued or interested in doing that routine.

The same goes for cardiovascular exercise (i.e. running).  Think about how often you’ve run your favorite loop. The body only took at about 3-4 weeks to adjust to the features of that route. The body now knows where the hills are, how much effort it is going to take to complete, and how long it will take you to run it.

The solution is simple: Change the stimulus!

In the running example, try to run the same route in the opposite direction and see how much different it is!  Or, spend some time on the treadmill, find new places to explore, turn down roads you never tried before and see how your body reacts to the new stimulus. Better yet, add track work, hill repeats, and intervals into your training.  These will significantly change the stimulus and your body will react by getting faster and stronger!  

For resistance training, spend a few weeks with lighter weight and higher reps (15 or more).  Then, switch it up to heavier weight and a lower number of reps (10 or less).  You can also add in things like SuperSlow reps, isometrics, plyometrics, HIIT, drop sets or pyramids.

All these will challenge your muscles and make them react in ways you’ve never felt before.

What are all these exercise terms?  The good news is, you do not have to know what they are because we do!  Sarge Boot Camp is so effective because we already utilize all these in our classes.  We are constantly changing the stimulus for you by adding these Training Variables into the workouts.  Additionally, we offer so many different types of exercises and routines that you would never think of doing on your own.

Professional athletes have coaches who help them keep workouts fresh and challenging while also ensuring they are using strict, safe and effective form.  Sarge boot camp instructors are your coaches!  Some exercises will not be the right fit for you, but when communication occurs between you and your trainer, an alternative will make things work better.  Sarge boot camp is an all encompassing program that will continue to challenge you for years to come! Do not delay, sign up today!


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