The difference between a good trainer and an average trainer

Evaluating your trainer with honesty

There are many things that separate a good personal trainer from a mediocre or average one. It can be hard to define the qualities that make a trainer great, so these questions are the second part of a two-part discussion of what to look for when deciding on a trainer.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to decide how good your trainer really is:

–          Do you receive adequate attention from your trainer? A good trainer does not spend your sessions talking to other people at the gym or checking out members of the opposite sex. You should have all of their attention for the duration of your session together, or you should look for a new trainer.

–          How knowledgeable is your trainer? When you ask questions about a workout, can they explain the purpose of each exercise?  Can he or she help you with pains or other issues? Quoting from an article is not the same as being knowledgeable – make sure your trainer truly knows what he or she is doing.

–          What is on your trainer’s website? Is it an “I love me” wall or do you see relevant information about certifications and qualifications? The way a person represents themselves online says a lot about them – do they post pictures of themselves drinking or half-naked? A trainer should be conscious of their professionalism, both in the gym and online.

–          How long has your trainer been in the fitness business? While there is no magic number of years that make a trainer fully qualified, experience does matter for trainers. The longer they have worked with clients, the better they are at handling different needs, goals, and personalities, and the more effective they will be at helping you.

Take these answers to heart

These questions are a great place to start when deciding on a trainer. Remember, you’re spending your time and your money on training services, so don’t settle for mediocre when you don’t have to.