What to do when you are not getting the results you want from your fitness program

Help I am stuck at a “fitness plateau”

Let’s face it. When you get into a routine, especially one that you love in the beginning, it can quickly become boring and disinteresting. Many of you joined a health club simply because it seems like the thing to do. You know you have to exercise to maintain a healthy life, so joining a gym or a more expensive health club seems like a natural fit, right?

In the beginning of your membership, of course you are fired up and excited about your new routine and even more so when some personal trainer assists you with a free session showing you the ropes, right?

So, you start performing the circuit routine for a few weeks (maybe!) or so. But, then, you start skipping a day or two, and that becomes a habit. In the end, you just don’t see a lot of results.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Most people, at some point in their lives, have hit this “exercise plateau” that they find after doing the same old exercises over and over again with limited or no results. And unfortunately this can lead to some people developing misconceptions about exercise.

Among the excuses we hear regularly include:

  • I don’t know how to exercise properly
  • Exercise is boring
  • I don’t know what all those machines are supposed to do

All of these are symptoms of hitting the wall and there are 3 primary reasons you hit that plateau:

  • Excitement: You get bored with your routine because you lose the excitement you had in the beginning and therefore lose interest and end up looking for the ‘next best thing’.
  • Change: Your muscles develop “muscle memory” that is to say, they remember how to do the exercises you taught them how to do and therefore they don’t have to work as hard to do them anymore.
  • Knowledge: You don’t know how to change your routine to confuse the muscles enough to see results and get excited about your program.

How Get Out of the Rut

Getting a really good personal trainer is one way to break the out of the rut. A good trainer will not only help you change up your fitness routine to avoid boredom, but will also help hold you accountable for your results. This accountability alone is worth its weight in gold. But if you are a member at a gym, you are already paying membership fees so adding in personal training can get really expensive.

With fitness boot camp , you’ll never be bored or stuck and you won’t have two sets of bills to deal with each month. Fitness boot camp is the ultimate in varied workouts, as being outside lends itself to any number of exercises such as running, or being indoors allows us to add in non-traditional equipment such as Bosu balls.

But more importantly, each class is led by a trainer whose goal is to make sure each person is progressing at their own pace. This helps ensure that no matter what the group is doing, you are working toward YOUR fitness goals.

The second component of our program involves creating something we call “muscle confusion” – which is sort of the opposite of what you get at the gym. Instead of doing the same 10 exercises on the same machines each week, we constantly vary the exercises so that your muscles never get used to the routine. This is why clients enrolled in our boot camp classes are consistently sore, their muscles are always being challenged in new and creative (yet effective) ways!