Do exercise gimmicks and info-mercials really work?

Seriously, how many of you have fallen victim to one of the above, and regretted it later?

Bun and Thigh Master, the AB Lounge, the Air Climber, the ‘perfect push-up’… you have skin creams, gels and pills… then of course there are the diets: Atkins, South Beach and “The all liquid diet.”  Shall I continue?

I can see you’re smiling because I know you’ve tried at least one of these.  You’ve tried to take the easy way out and most likely, it failed you.  Or, you saw some results in the beginning, but it didn’t last.  So, let me start off by saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Exercise isn’t ‘easy’ or ‘quick’ and it isn’t a fad that is going to go away.  Anything that claims “the easiest workout you’ll ever do” or “a flatter tummy in just 10 minutes a day” or anything else that sounds ridiculous, is ridiculous so just stay away from it.

Deep down, you really do know what works: hard work, dedication, commitment and doing things the right way.  I am not saying that you have to be a CFC member in order to get into better shape.  What I am saying is, stop wasting time, money and energy on gimmicks that can’t possibly work, or be good for you.

To maintain your current fitness level, exercise at a minimum of 60 minutes 3 days/week.  There are no short cuts.

To improve your fitness level, do more.

Always do a program that combines cardio as well as resistance training to build muscular strength and endurance.  If you can’t fit this into your lifestyle, then you need to seriously think about how you can adjust your lifestyle. I know, there are people out there who CAN’T fit exercise into their lives and I feel for you, but the majority of folks can, but choose not to.

I know more people who spend their time ensuring their jobs, cars, homes or clothes/make-up are perfect and running smoothly but, if you think about it, all of these things are replaceable.  You can get fired, or wreck your car, or sell your house and move, but your body, your health and your quality of life are with you no matter what.

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