4 reasons fitness boot camp beats gym membership

It’s all about results

For many people, joining a gym seems like the logical way to get in shape and back into exercising. After all, aren’t gyms created for that exact purpose?

However, you might be surprised to find out that most people who join gyms NEVER reach their fitness goals, nor do they end up using the gym membership nearly as often as they thought they would. In fact, it is estimated that the majority of gym members (about 85%) go to the gym less than four times each month!

This is how gyms make money – by signing up members who rarely use their services. However, when you join our fitness boot camp, you will get a much better value and results you can see.

Here are 4 reasons why boot camp is better than a traditional fitness gym:

  1. Unlike the machines at the gym, the exercises at boot camp use multiple muscles, training not only those you can see but the ones that will improve your posture, increase your reflexes, and strengthen your core as well
  2. Boot camps offer personal attention at every single workout without the added cost of a personal trainer
  3. You will get to know the other people in your boot camp, allowing you to create a sense of community that will lead to greater success in reaching fitness goals
  4. Working out outdoors is more fun and more stimulating than a gym and allows you to enjoy the nice days rather than being trapped on a cardio machine

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